Crafted Series Cider - Blueberry

Crafted Series Cider - Blueberry - The Wine Warehouse CA

Crafted Series Cider - Blueberry

Unearth the Harmony of Apples and Summer Berries in Every Sip

Step into a world of fruity delights with the ABC Crafted Series Blueberry Cider Making Kit. Designed for both beginners and seasoned brewers, this 2.6 kg (5.73 lb) kit is your key to unlocking the joys of homebrewed blueberry cider. Revel in the symphony of apple and summer berry flavors, including hints of raspberry and blackcurrant. This kit simplifies the brewing process and promises a delightful concoction with an approximate 5.6% ABV. Create up to 23 liters (6 gallons) of refreshing cider, perfect for any occasion. Add 1 kg (2.2 lb) of sugar to embark on your cider-making adventure.

Key Features:

  • Intriguing Apple-Berry Blend: Savor the unique fusion of crisp apples and vibrant summer berry flavors.
  • Visual & Flavorful Delight: Craft cider with a striking dark pink hue enhances the look and taste.
  • Balanced ABV: Enjoy a cider with a 5.6% ABV, striking a delightful balance between taste and strength.
  • Generous Yield: Brew up to 23 liters (6 gallons) of exquisite blueberry cider.
  • User-Friendly Brewing: A straightforward process, perfect for all levels of homebrew enthusiasts.
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